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Why I Do What I Do? The Catalyst Behind My Passion: Bobby's Story

On NO! Change again!

The transition from summer holidays back to the school routine is a significant shift for everyone involved. This change can be particularly challenging for children, especially those with special educational needs (SEND). As educators, caregivers, and supporters, we must ensure this transition is as smooth as possible.

The Importance of Gentle Transitions

Children with SEND often require more time to adjust to new routines. It's essential to approach this period with patience, understanding, and kindness. Starting with familiar activities, like spending time with a trusted adult or playing with favourite toys, can make a difference. This period is also an invaluable opportunity to foster trust, develop coping skills, and encourage open conversations about their feelings.

The Personal Touch: Beata Bednarska's Journey

Behind every educational approach is a story, a driving force. For Beata Bednarska, the founder of Bea Inclusive, that story began with Bobby.

Bobby, a young boy diagnosed with classic Autism, was the first child Beata worked with as a Learning Support Assistant. His challenges in school were evident: he was non-verbal, struggled with routines, and struggled to connect with his peers. But Bobby's story isn't unique. Millions of children in England face similar challenges in social communication, social skills, and mental health.

Beata's journey with Bobby highlighted a significant gap in the educational system. Despite her dedication, she found herself unprepared and unsupported in her role. This realisation led her on a path of self-education, eventually making her a recognised expert in Lego®-based Therapy.

The Power of Lego®-based Therapy

Lego®-based Therapy (LBT) is more than play. It's a transformative tool that can help children with communication challenges, social skills deficits, and mental health issues. Beata's dedication to this method has changed lives and empowered other educators through her training programs.

Beata offers a comprehensive training program for those interested in leveraging the power of LBT. This program equips educators with the tools, resources, and knowledge to make a tangible difference in the lives of the children they support.

The Bigger Picture

Educators' challenges, especially those supporting children with SEND, are immense. From stress and anxiety to feeling undervalued, many educators seek better ways to help their students without compromising their well-being.

Beata's story is a testament to the difference one person can make. Through Bea Inclusive, she hopes to empower educators, provide them with the tools they need, and ultimately change the trajectory for countless children like Bobby.

Join the Movement

If Beata's story resonates with you, or if you're an educator looking to make a difference, consider joining the Bea Inclusive community. Dive deeper into Beata's journey, learn more about Bobby, and discover the transformative power of Lego®-based Therapy by watching the full VLOG:

Remember, every child deserves a champion. Let's work together to empower the future, one child at a time.

Until next time

Bea Inclusive

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