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About Bea

My name is Beata Bednarska, and I am the Autism Lead Practitioner, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Master of Counselling and Positive Psychology, and Master of Administration.

I’m passionate about creating genuinely inclusive provisions to help children to become independent and happy adults.


My vision is to empower professionals in schools and other settings to implement positive and evidence-based interventions that support children's communication, language, social skills, and emotional and behavioural responses.

Through my Lego®-based Therapy Training, Assessment Tools, Planning, and Resources, I provide the tools and knowledge needed to create child-centred and proactive interventions.

Together, we can build a brighter future for children, fostering their development and well-being through the power of play and social interaction.

Let's make a positive impact, one brick at a time.
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winking Lego man with suitcase and lego build


I aim to educate and empower professionals in special needs, fostering knowledge and understanding of each child.  

Equipping professionals with the necessary tools and skills can make a meaningful difference in children's and young people's lives.  

Together, we can provide the support and assistance needed to unlock their full potential and promote inclusivity and well-being through a culture of respect, strong leadership and self-reflection.


I aspire to inspire and educate professionals, empowering them with the knowledge and tools they deserve to make a difference in children's lives.

Focusing on social communication skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, and strengths development can create an environment where children, young people, and adults thrive.

Together, we can unlock their full potential, fostering positive growth and development for a brighter future.
two adults and two children playing with Lego

Check what my customer said



I enjoyed the Lego Therapy training and had no idea how effective it would be with my children.  The videos and resources are of excellent quality, and I love how Bea always responded to my emails promptly, which I liked; it just added that personal touch.  I recommend the training to anyone who wants to help children with their social, emotional, fine motor, and communication skills.  It is great fun for all children as well as adults :)



Hi Bea, We were very fortunate to be offered to participate in the Play and Learn - Mini Lego plays therapy through Sendiass Southend; I enrolled on it last year. It is working well. I love the sessions' structure; it is easy to follow. My boy is four years old and has a high level of comprehension but zero tolerance for any level of patience. This has been a great way to have fun with him without Legos becoming too overwhelming, which is precious time for us. R is very controlling, so to have opportunities where he can have some ownership after I have modelled what to do, is helpful for both of us. I am only a Mum, but I love the idea of becoming a Lego play therapist. Thank you for preparing this; I can tell you the level of love, organisation, and determination this has taken for you. I am deeply indebted to you that this program will help bring much-needed bonding time for you and us as a family.



As a school therapist, I plan to start working with therapeutic Lego groups in my area. Again, the training and support were excellent. I recommend this training to teachers, support staff and therapists in schools or other community settings.

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