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Empowering Children through Lego®-based Therapy: A Journey with Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School

Navigating through social communication and emotional well-being, Bea Inclusive has embarked on a transformative journey, utilising Lego®-based Therapy (LBT) to empower children in schools. In this blog, we delve into an insightful episode featuring the experiences and reflections of the headteacher and pastoral lead from Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School, St. Helens, Merseyside, UK. Watch the full episode here:

A Vision for Inclusive Development

Sarah Bond, the headteacher, elucidates the school’s commitment to nurturing social communication and well-being, integral to their unique BRICS principles. With 14% of their children on the special educational needs register and a curriculum deeply embedded with values like inclusion, kindness, respect, and cooperation, the school has created a nurturing environment where every child is known and celebrated.

Embarking on a Lego®-based Therapy Journey

Beata Bednarska, the founder of Bea Inclusive, introduced LBT to the school, aiming to enhance social group sessions and explore their effectiveness in nurturing children’s self-awareness, mindset, resilience, and problem-solving skills. Sarah, recognising the potential impact of LBT, eagerly embraced the opportunity to be involved in the research project.

Measuring Success through Child-Centred Approaches

The school emphasises evidence-based, child-centred planning and has witnessed overwhelmingly positive feedback from both children and parents regarding their experiences and mental well-being support at the school. Sarah underscores the importance of the tangible, positive atmosphere that permeates the school as a critical indicator of their success.

Training and Implementing Lego®-based Therapy.

Lisa Garford, the Pastoral Lead, shares her enriching training experience with Bea Inclusive, highlighting the practicality and comprehensive resources provided during and after training. The school has witnessed a notable shift in children’s behaviour post-intervention, observing enhanced confidence, improved social circles, and increased independence among the children.

Tangible Impact and Future Endeavours

The LBT sessions have not only been a hit among the children but have also significantly impacted their social communication skills, emotional literacy, and overall demeanour. The school has witnessed transformations in children, from struggling with peer relationships and self-regulation to becoming more resilient and socially adept.

Rolling Out Across the School

With the evident positive impact on the children involved in the initial LBT sessions, the school plans to roll out the therapy across all levels. Lisa, now a trained facilitator, will deliver LBT to children in both Key Stage 1 and 2, adapting and modifying sessions to cater to the children's unique needs and developmental stages.


The collaboration between Bea Inclusive and Eccleston Lane Ends Primary School has illuminated the profound impact that Lego®-based Therapy can have on children’s mental health, social skills, and overall well-being. The school’s commitment to providing a nurturing, inclusive environment, coupled with Bea Inclusive’s expertise and practical therapy sessions, has created a symbiotic relationship that continues to empower children and guide them towards a future where they can confidently navigate their social and emotional worlds.

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