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Roo's Journey: Navigating the Path to Proper Support for Neurodiverse Children

At Bea Inclusive, we understand that every child is unique, and providing the proper support for neurodiverse children is essential for their growth and development. Today, we want to share Roo's inspiring journey as she navigated the path to finding proper support for her neurodiverse child.

Roo's journey navigating the path to proper support was complicated and lengthy but she never gave up.

Roo's story is one of determination, advocacy, and the pursuit of excellence in care. Like many parents, Roo recognised the importance of social communication, turn-taking, fine motor skills, and broader life skills for her neurodiverse child. After researching various options, Roo discovered Bea Inclusive and our "Brick-by-Brick Academy" programme, which focuses on Lego therapy as a tool for holistic development.


In her heartfelt letter, Roo shares her perspective on how Lego therapy has significantly impacted her child's life. She emphasises the gradual progression of skills, the simplicity of delivery, and the firm foundations built brick by brick. Roo's collaboration with her child's school and Bea Inclusive exemplifies the power of teamwork in supporting neurodiverse children.


Roo's journey was not without its challenges. Despite recognising the benefits of Lego therapy, she faced resistance from her Local Authority to including it within her child's Education, Health and Care Plan. Undeterred, Roo sought funding for the "Brick-by-Brick Academy" programme and eventually won her case at the SEND Tribunal. Her perseverance and advocacy ensured that her children received the support they deserved.


Through the "Brick-by-Brick Academy" programme, Roo gained knowledge, skills, strategies, resources, and confidence to support her child effectively. She highlights the positive changes she observed in her child's communication, social skills, and overall well-being. Roo's story is a beacon of hope for parents facing similar challenges, reminding them to stick to it and advocate for their child's needs.


Roo's journey embodies the values of Bea Inclusive: empowerment, collaboration, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of neurodiverse children. We are honoured to have been a part of Roo's story and to continue supporting families like hers on their journey to success.


Navigating the path to proper support for your neurodiverse child can be very emotional and lonely, so please feel free to learn more about Roo's journey and how Lego® therapy can benefit neurodiverse children. Watch our video featuring Roo's letter:


At Bea Inclusive, we provide child-centred, evidence-based support for neurodiverse children and their families. Join us in bringing the transformative power of Lego®-based Therapy to children worldwide and be a part of something that genuinely improves lives.


Warm regards,

Beata Bednarska


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