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At The Autism Show


I want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible experience we had at The Autism Show. It was an eventful journey filled with ups and downs, but ultimately, it was a meaningful and rewarding experience for our team at Bea Inclusive.

The Journey Begins:

Travelling from Manchester to London by car proved to be quite tiring. As we arrived, we realised we were running late for the build-up. Time seemed to slip away, and I was overwhelmed with only around 2 hours to organise everything. The venue's sheer size was daunting, and uncertainty clouded my mind about what awaited us in the coming days.

Preparation and Dedication:

Despite the initial challenges, our team rallied and worked tirelessly to decorate and prepare our stand. The next day, as the doors to The Autism Show swung open, anticipation and nerves filled the air. I engaged in conversations with parents and professionals, eager to share the benefits of Lego®-based Therapy in supporting communication, language, social skills, and well-being.

Empowering Workshops:

The door to the events opens, and people flood the place in waves.

Throughout the event, I had the privilege of delivering nine workshops. Each session aimed to equip attendees with practical strategies and valuable insights. The enthusiasm and engagement of the participants were truly inspiring, and I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had the opportunity to inspire and empower others.

Gratitude and Support:

I cannot express enough gratitude to my son, Patryk, and my husband, Pawel, whose unwavering support and tireless efforts were instrumental in making this event possible. Without them by my side, none of this would have been achievable. Together, we tackled the challenges, worked as a team, and made a meaningful impact on the lives of those we connected with.

Closing the Chapter:

As the clock struck past 4 pm on Friday, The Autism Show in London ended for professionals and parents. However, it marked the beginning of the end as we packed everything and embarked on the journey back to Manchester. Exhausted yet fulfilled, we reminisced about the hard work and great fun we had experienced throughout the event.

A Journey to Remember:

Participating in The Autism Show was a rollercoaster of emotions. Still, the satisfaction of knowing that we contributed to the growth and development of the autism community made it all worthwhile. Connecting with incredible individuals who share our passion for supporting children with autism was a humbling experience.

Continuing the Journey:

Our journey does not end here. At Bea Inclusive, we are committed to spreading awareness and understanding and providing valuable resources to support the growth and development of children with autism. I invite you to explore our website and stay tuned for further updates, resources, and support.


The Autism Show was more than just an event; it was an opportunity for us to make a difference. We are grateful for the chance to have been a part of such a transformative experience and look forward to the next chapter in our journey of empowering and supporting children with autism.

What's Next:

I am excited to announce that the next Autism Show will occur in Birmingham (23-24 of June) and Manchester (7-8 of July). I can't wait to continue connecting with professionals and parents, exchanging insights, and working together to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for children with autism. Stay tuned as we continue our journey, providing valuable resources and support through Bea Inclusive. I invite you to explore our website and reach out for further information or assistance.

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