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Lego® Duplo My First Car Creations Review

Updated: May 28, 2023

Bea Inclusive TV and Podcast Episode 010

In the last episode of Bea Inclusive TV, I was talking about whether to cancel your Lego®- based Therapy session when one of your children is absent.

In this episode of Bea Inclusive TV:

1. I will review the Lego® Duplo, my first car creation.

2. Then, you will see how many collaborative projects you can make from this set.

3. By commenting on this video, you also give yourself a chance to win the Lego® Duplo Set I reviewed today.

4. Finally, you will see how I check and prepare my projects for children.

If you are new to me, my name is Bea, and I'm deeply passionate about helping children to become independent and happy adults. I aim to help schools/settings create genuinely inclusive practice by documenting my experience as the Lego® - based Therapy Expert and Facilitator, Autism Lead Practitioner and Creator and Funder of the Brick-by-Brick Academy (In-House and Online Training Hub).

I believe that each child is unique, and each setting is different, but one thing is sure we all would like to help our children to thrive from day one.

Especially now when 1 out of 4 people struggle with mental health and children struggle with social skills and a high level of anxiety. It's not surprising that plenty of professionals are seeking new, positive, and engaging ways to develop children's social communication skills through a positive change to their setting's culture in a way that will benefit both (children and adults). My reasons for advocating Lego® based Therapy are simple: I saw the effectiveness of this approach and positive change in children's and adults' emotional and behavioural responses. Understanding individual children/persons and delivering child-centred and evidence-based provision is extremely important, especially now when children spend so much time in front of the computer and lack social opportunities to practice communication, language, and social skills.

Well, I'm here to show you otherwise and inspire you to create a safe, trustworthy Lego® based Therapy Intervention/approach where your children can collaborate and socialise in a structured way to spend more time developing your children's emotional/social intelligence. I've realised that you don't have to make extreme changes and spend thousands of pounds to help children and improve your school's provision. Sometimes, you don't have to do something radical or expensive; you just have to be proactive. So, I invite you to follow my journey in creating a genuinely inclusive provision that helps you support children and develop your skills. Are you ready? Let's go!

I must say that I enjoyed exploring this collaborative set, and while doing it, I could picture children enjoying these projects. Unfortunately, there is no instruction to follow included in the box. Only the leaflet is included, so I suggest taking photos and creating your instructions. But Bea, you will say – I don't have time! If that's the case, then don't you worry. Simply comment under the video, and I will give you access to my instructions.

If you work in a primary school, this collaborative set suits the Nursery, Reception, and Y1 children. This is also good for children with special needs. I used similar sets with my children on the autistic spectrum and planned the TEACCH individual workstation tasks. These are always a huge hit.

If you like me running small social groups in the early years, this could be easily organised as a group activity. You will need only 10-20 minutes, depending on the children's needs. Through this activity, you can practice sitting, listening, talking, turn-taking, and many more.

There are only 34 pieces in the box, but I like that you can make at least seven designs.

As you can see, making instructions and checking the sets is one of those jobs that we know we must do but sometimes struggle with time. It's hard work, but this will help you to use your resources and facilitate your sessions effectively.

I love creating and making Lego® based Therapy resources for Lego® based Therapy facilitators, and you can see me here preparing the Brick-by-Brick Program that will go to Canada this week.

Today you could explore the Lego® Duplo set with me, and I hope your children will enjoy building this set.

Please consider subscribing to my channel, as this will help me create more videos like this one, and more people will learn for FREE.

I'm not sure what to record for the next weekly Episode of Bea Inclusive TV, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Until the next time

Love and xxx



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