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About the Programme:

The Brick by Brick Programme is designed to provide you with all the necessary steps to assess and deliver your first Lego® based Therapy for your children. With comprehensive paper resources and easy-to-follow planning, you can save time and provide a child-centred, structured, and highly engaging play therapy intervention in your setting.

The Brick by Brick Programme is designed to be easy to use, with six main parts guiding you through the process.


The first part is the INFORMATION (INFO) section, where you can learn about the programme, what you can find, and how to use it effectively.


The second part is EVIDENCE, which contains all the assessment tools you need to track your child's progress and reflect on your actions. This section also includes templates for emotional responses, observations, timetables, etc.


The VISUALS section provides all the necessary visual support to help you structure sessions and facilitate group communication. In addition, you'll find resources for colours, shapes, emotions, feelings, conversations, self-evaluation, etc.


The fourth part is the Brick by Brick Programme (BBP), divided into eight sessions. This section includes a session schedule, planning, printable resources such as games and activities, and a resource list to ensure you have everything you need.


The CERTIFICATION (Certify) section offers templates for certificates that you can use to celebrate your children's progress and boost their self-esteem.


Finally, the EXTRAS section provides additional resources, such as grounding, breathing, relaxation exercises, and ideas for future sessions.

Brick by Brick Programme

  • Info:

    Colourful printable planning and resources.

    Insides weight: 135 gsm. Gloss.

    Black Wire-o Coil.

    Pages: 202

    Size: A4

    8  interactive sessions 

    8 ready-to-follow schedules

    Visuals, Games, activities, flashcards, infographics, instructions, assessment tools, templates, visuals, certificates, etc.

    Extras: bricks wrap around cards, emotions wrap around cards, zone of regulation across the day, secret challenges flashcards, interactive mats, etc.

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