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Hi, I'm Bea. It's great to have you here!

Are you looking to better empower yourself and your team to support children's communication, social skills and well-being?
Bea Inclusive is here to provide you with the tools you need to save time and feel supported.

Please help children express themselves to the best of their ability, make friends and feel like they belong through their natural way of learning. 
Bea with Lego Brick
Lego-based therapy essentials resources

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Lego®-Based Therapy CPD certification

Bea Inclusive Provides
CPD accredited
Lego®-based Therapy Training

Bea Inclusive is focused on providing the highest quality professional training to empower individuals, groups, and organizations to foster inclusive environments.

We offer Lego®-based Therapy In-House and online training for schools, settings, and parents.

With us, you can create a more inclusive world through education and understanding.

Check What Others Say


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value. I  appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Play and Learn Fun with Bricks online modules. I felt supported and confident in replicating the games so expertly presented by Bea when working with learning and helping students. It was beneficial, especially in my professional role, to have the targeted skills highlighted and then to see pragmatic and receptive language skills, fine motor, emotional regulation, social skills and attention skills progressively develop throughout the sessions. Bea has a warm, clear communication style and a passion for Lego therapy. The resources were also excellent. I highly recommend this course.


Hi, I enjoyed the day of training at the Jewish High School with Bea.
Bea was engaging and intimately knowledgeable in the presented material. This comes from her tremendous investment in time and energy into running Lego Therapy sessions and building on her experience by sharing with others. The hands-on opportunities to be part of a "group" was excellent and helped us discover what issues may arise during the sessions and how these could be resolved.
I would love more time to integrate the knowledge and build my confidence. Thank you, Bea!

Lisa Driver, MI

This Lego-based Therapy course was outstanding. Bea is an expert! Bea is very thorough and always there to help if needed. Bea is a wealth of information that will enable the finest practice with the Lego therapy sessions. This was the best training I've ever attended, and I would recommend it to others.
The resources that are also offered are just fantastic.
The instruction is of exceptional quality, and Bea is professional.
Because of this training, I can now conduct my Lego therapy sessions with excellent expertise and comprehension. In addition, if I ever have a question, I know Bea will be there to answer it.
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